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Newsboys The Way We Roll LRC歌詞

歌曲 The Way We RollNewsboys 演唱。

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Newsboys - The Way We Roll

Rewind the clock1, we were
Riding a wave of Oz rock, we were
B-barely of age to take charge
Or pack our guitars for the long flight
She』ll be right
No cash or plan, we were
Criss-crossin』 the States in some van, we were
C-cookin』 up beans on the block
While the motor was hot
Something’s gonna blow
Let’s get to the show

Give us half an inch, we』ll be tackin』 on a mile
Give us a half stage, we』ll start up a rampage

Put on your backpack
Throw out your roadmap
God』ll use anything
Check it and see
He’s giving us more
Than we ever could ask for
That’s the way we roll
『Cause we』ve been set free
That’s the way we roll
『Cause we』ve been set free

Reset the stage, we were
Out rattlin』 the cage with each show, we were
Out hawkin』 our shirts for more lights
『Til Shine hit the brights
And we saw your faces
And we got new ba*sists
The good and the lame, we were
Spinnin』 our drums like a dial, we were
Blowin』 up domes from a pile
It worked for awhile
If yours didn』t rise
We apologize

All we』ve got to give is a God-given drive
He keeps us movin』, He keeps on provin』

Lighten up
We』ll lighten up the load at the starting gate
We』ll lighten up the load to a fighting Weight
We』ll light up the road, come on
Kiss your mama goodbye
We gotta fly

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