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Peter Paul $ Mary Monday Morning LRC歌詞

歌曲 Monday MorningPeter Paul $ Mary 演唱。

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Early one morning one morning in spring.春日裡的一個早晨
To hear the birds whistle.鳥兒在歌唱
The nightingale sing.夜鶯在啼叫
I met a fair maiden who sweety did sing.我遇見一位淑女在婉轉歌吟
I'm going 2 B married next Monday morning.下周一早晨我就要出嫁
How old are U my fair young maid.年輕的淑女芳齡幾何
Here in this valley,this valley so green.住在這青翠的山谷之中
How old are U my fair young maid.年輕的淑女芳齡幾何
I'm going 2 B sixteen next Monday morning.下周一我就年滿16歲了
Well sixteen years old. 16歲結婚為時太早
That's 2 young 4 2 marry.聽我一句再過5年還不遲
So make my advice five years later 2 marry.婚姻會來麻煩
For marriage brings troubles & sorrows.悲傷從此開始
Begin so put off Ur wedding 4 Monday morning.奉勸你把周一的婚期推遲
U talk like a mad man,a man with no skill.你說起話來像個無知的瘋子
Three years I've been waiting against my own will.我已經違心等了整整兩年
And now I'm determined 2 have my own way.現在我已下定決心
And I'm going 2 B married next Monday morning.下周一我一定要成親
Next Monday morning the bells they'll ring.下周一早晨鐘聲將敲響
My true love'll buy me a gay golden ring.心上人帶來的戒指金光閃亮
Also he'll buy me a new pretty gown.他還會捎上一件好看的新衣
To ware at my wedding next Monday morning.周一的婚禮我要把它穿起來
Next Monday night when I go 2 my bed.下周一晚當我走向婚床
And I turn around 2 the man that I've wed.回過身去面對我新郎
Around his middle my two arms I'll fling.我把雙臂擁向他的腰身
And I wish 2 my soul it was Monday morning.衷心祈求此刻是周一早   陳業鈿-製作-婭森龍櫻-<小甜鈿>

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