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Philmont Another Name LRC歌詞

歌曲 Another NamePhilmont 演唱。

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Philmont - Another Name

I know that you get overwhelmed
But just relax
You feel like time is running out
And you could fall between the cracks
And nothing that you've ever done
Is ever good enough

Breathe in now
Receive another name
Breathe in now
Live without the blame

I know you haven't figured out
What happens next
You feel like you have lost your way
'Cause you don't know which way to step
It feels like every time you try to walk you only crawl
Just open up your eyes and know that I won't let you fall

'Cause all you ever wanted
And all you ever needed
Is waiting here with me
You have all been livin'
A life I have forgiven
So know that you are free
Know that you are free

And You say...

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