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Point Break freakytime LRC歌詞

歌曲 freakytimePoint Break 演唱。


If you looking for a freaky time
freaky time
you can always count on me
I'll be waiting
I wanna be the one you come home to
I wanna be everything you need
come on and lay your lips on mine
I wanna be the one to set you free
come on and put my body close
I wanna lay you on the floor
come on and lay your lips on mine
and let our bodys work for more
B.U.M and P.
just be mine tonight
so baby bring you AAAAH
over here just for a second
you're looking at me
I reckon your checking
not respecting
just what my intentions are
you want me all the way up
I want you half way down
I'm gonna lay you down
I make you feel horny
every curve
every swerve
all over you body
will not go undiscovered
by the end of the night
is a promise I'll make
so horny turn off the light

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