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Priscilla Renea Bacon 'n Eggs LRC歌詞

歌曲 Bacon 'n EggsPriscilla Renea 演唱。

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Priscilla Renea - Bacon 'n Eggs
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

I know that you love me more than ever
And baby I promise I'll be better
No I won't...keep making you feel like I don't care at all
Cause I'll do whatever it takes to keep a smile on your face
Even if that means makin' you bacon 'n' eggs
If that's what it takes then I'm makin' you bacon
Soon as I wake up, and wash my face up
I'm headed to the kitchen to open up the fridge and
Out of the oven, blueberry muffins
I know they're your favorite so I won't keep you waiting
Heyyyyyyyyyy, todayyyyyyyyyy.
You won't be mad about yesterday
Once I make you bacon and eggs, today.
I'm hoping you don't fall short of patience with me
I feel like you're always so frustrated baby
And I'm sure that
Once in a while you think I'll never change
But I'll do whatever it takes to keep a smile on your face
Grits, (grits)
cheese, (cheese)
O.J. fresh squeezed, (squeezed)
Jam with bread and margarine (mar-gar-ine)
Been slavin' on this all mornin'
I hope that you're hungry

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