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Priscilla Renea - City Love
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

Wanted to be where you were
New to the town, this little country girl
Packed her bags
She up and went
So she could be where her heart lived
She aint know no better
Thought that it would last forever
But she ended up getting hurt
Regretted leaving home
Wished that she had known
As soon as she got there
He would be long gone
But she said
It's too late to turn back no
I don't wanna go home now
But this city love
Goes way too fast for me
So baby can you slow it down
Please pump the brakes, don't speed
I've got miles and miles of love
Aint no need to try or rush
We gon' get there just the same
Why don't we map out the way?
Living in this city love
This city love, city love
Too fast for the country
Ohhh la la la la la la
Convinced herself not to cry
It's not her fault they don't see eye to eye
She can't turn back
Plus they all think
She should've stayed home
From the beginning
She's gonna' prove 『em wrong
Even if it take her too long
To find herself a new love
Far away from home
The moment she got there
She didn't know what to do
She had nothing left to lose
She was lost, so confused
Out of her element, so heartbroken
Decided to let it go
Knowing she could turn to nowhere else to go
Nowhere to pull through
Nothing to hold to
Where else could she be
What else could she do?
She said
So baby wont you slow it down
We gon get there just the same
You aint in the city love

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