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Priscilla Renea - Pretty Girl
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

Pretty girl, pretty girl.
Why do you cry?
When you look into the mirror,
tell me what do you see inside?
'Cause you're so pretty girl, pretty girl.
(What are you crying for?) Woahhhhh.
Pretty girl, open your eyes.
If you could see what I'm seeing you would understand why
(i call you pretty girl, pretty girl).
You aint gotta cry no more.
Whatcha see in your reflection is (not the truth).
Cause girl whatcha thinkin is perfection
(your perfection starts with you).
So, just like you, what can I do?
If I'm a pretty girl, wanna be pretty too.
Why would you say,
that you hate the way you look
and you think that you wanna change
(cause you're so pretty girl, pretty girl)
I'd never lie to you, no.
Pretty girl, do what you want.
But, you'll find out the hard way
that you should be who you are.
Cause you're so (pretty girl, pretty girl)
Why don't you just be you?
Beauty lies, within your eyes (thats the truth).
Woah, break down the walls.
Look past your flaws. Accept what's you.
You're startin' new and changin' views.
So you can finally see
the girl that's starin' back finds what is true.

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