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Push Play Covergirl LRC歌詞

歌曲 CovergirlPush Play 演唱。


Push Play - Covergirl
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

I'm feeling just a little bit shakey
I'm looking for a girl who won't talk back
This and that
Leave me in the dust
On page three
I think I might of found the girl of my dreams
She's the kind of girl who always looks great
Never late
Girl that I can trust
I'm turning the page right now
I'm done just so you know
I'm in love with a girl in a photograph
When I look at her she's lookin' back at me
She's the girl in the magazine
(whoa whoa whoa)
I saw her on the cover of Seventeen
Baby blue eyes looking back at me
I wish there was a way she could pop out
Hang out, come to life break free
You can call me crazy
I'm falling for a paper back lady
She's the only girl who won't bite me
Spite me girl that never leaves
G-g-g-girl in the magazine
You know your missin' out baby
Look at this photograph
Maybe she's more real than you
Could ever be and I swear
I've never been so happy
Since the day you left me
She's more real then you
But lately
I'm feelin' just a little but shakey
I'm still looking for the girl who won't talk back
(Whoa whoa whoa whoa)

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