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Push Play - Heart Attack
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

I watched you
Walk into the room
While he was kissing you
And now it's he said she said
Tell me the truth
You know I saw you caught you
Do what you do
You know I watched you
Doin' what you do
Told me I'm the one (told me I'm the one)
I hope you had your fun
I'm done and I want out of this
Heart attack, heart attack!
I'm never gonna take it back (take it back)
I'm never gonna break I'll show you
I won't call you
Heart attack, heart attack
I'm never gonna live with that (live with that)
My nightmare just came true
And now the heart attack's on you
Do you miss me?
When you close your eyes
And do you still see?
Me in his disguise
All of them lies
What a surprise
Kissing you tonight
I'll melt the door and your barely breathing
Now I'm leaving
And you, you really should have thought things through
I guess I wish you all the best
As long as your heart breaks in two
Heart Attack, Heart Attack
Oh I'm never gonna break

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