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Push Play My Everything LRC歌詞

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Push Play - My Everything
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

I need to know
I need to feel
I need to find someone real
I've had enough broken dreams
Now my heart needs to heal
I want to laugh
I want to smile
And fall head over heels
I'm tired of waiting
Tired of changing
Tired of living a lie
All the chances, lost romances
Time after time
I have a question, need an answer
Can you give me a sign
Something to turn my life around
Love, I wanna fall in love
I need to find the one
Who can be my everything
Time, I wanna pa*s the time
I wanna make you mine
You can be my everything
My everything
You could be what I need
To bring me back to life
I've been down, I've been out
Been so dead inside
What if you're that
Someone I can be with forever
You'll be the one to turn me around
My everything is all you'll need
When everything is you and me
It isn't too hard to see

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