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Push Play Start Again LRC歌詞

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Push Play - Start Again
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

Maybe I disappeared when you least expected
Maybe I closed the door too soon
In the rearview mirror there's a space
Right where you left it
Maybe you needed me there too
Maybe came too late
If I could start again
I'd go back to that, back to that night
If I could just pretend
I did everything, everything right
You didn't leave, and we didn't fight
And I didn't wait to say you are my life
It would never end
I remember a time when I was your best friend
The pillow still smells like your perfume
I remember the second I,
I didn't say the words that I meant
Left a broken memory of you
I never said sorry
Could I change your mind
Can I rewind
Can I replace words on the page
Everything wrong
Everything right
Give me the time just to explain
What I meant to say
That you didn't leave, and we didn't fight

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