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Push Play Taking It Back LRC歌詞

歌曲 Taking It BackPush Play 演唱。

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Push Play - Taking It Back
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

I thought you were the one for me
I thought you were the remedy
I thought so many things
But I now I just can't think about it
I brought you breakfast in your bed
I filled you up with tenderness
I told you I believe in meant to be
But now I doubt it
Because you (you)
You turn my whole world upside down
And I'm take, take, takin' it back
Everything that I said
Every word that I thought that I meant
Just forget
Take, takin' it back
Might be better to give then recieve
But I'm empty so so much for that
(so much for that)
I'm through with generosity
Look where that stuff has gotten me
Just let it go 'cause the girl I know
Isn't what she's cracked up to be
I bought you bling at Tiffany's
I wrote you endless poetry
I gave you everything that a girl could need
But there was another
See you (you)
You lied and you cried so perfectly
And now, I'm not about to save it (oh)
That's too late, it's faded to black
Take, take, takin' it back
But I'm empty, empty
But I'm empty, so so much for that

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