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Push Play - Watch It Burn
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

Love and it's consequences
You can't win but you can't get out
Leaving yourself defenseless
So high you can't get back down
One long dramatic scene
Though we all know the ending
We still can make believe
Danger, danger
Flying like a moth to light
You can't save me this time
Don't give me a warning
Just be my next mistake
The sky is falling
Falling down in flames
And I don't want to turn
I love the way you make me hurt
I'll light it up this one last time
And watch it burn
Embracing pure defeat
Covered in sweat and ashes
This is the last shit I need
In the fallout of explosions
Lost in the strangest dream
Watching it back in slow motion
You wince before you scream
So many reasons to ignite
You can't stop me this time
I light it up this one last time
Maybe I've been too extreme
And too emotional
But now this has to go
I can't be well enough alone
Falling down in
Start a fire and watch it grow
I love to see my love implode

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