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Return To Arms Anniversary LRC歌詞

歌曲 AnniversaryReturn To Arms 演唱。


Return To Arms - Anniversary

製作:卜超 QQ:6313827

It's the one year anniversary of the day
you cheated So I wrote you a verse and
I won't repeat it Turn the volume up
so that we know you heart Let's hope
it's all you needed

Now mark it down girl
You should be proud girl
What would it take to make a night out on
the town girl We'll get some heart
with a side of the truth just hope it
doesn't cost you Your time of your youth

Oh' this is who you really are
Something like a let down
So breakdown or get out
Cuz' we're not leaving here tonight

And now I'm moving on and your still focusing
On everything but what we were and could have been
And despite the pleas oh and in spite of me
You just do what you need

Now is the time to turn it down
I'll get by I'll tune you out It's not like that,
you really had all of this figured out
So take your time if it takes up mine
you know your going to hear it
Straight from my mouth Bridge:

So is this what you wanted
I'll say it's complicated
All for you it's all for nothing
All the blame it's all the same in the end

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