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Return To Arms Less Talking LRC歌詞

歌曲 Less TalkingReturn To Arms 演唱。

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Return To Arms - Less Talking

製作:卜超 QQ:6313827

Look at what you've got yourself into
This mess you've made well baby
I came to Use and abuse everything
And with every clever line is another
step to Coming closer your bedroom it's over

For the morning after your chasing after

A way to leave this behind
Here we go again One more song to sing to Go
tell all your friends
This is who we've become
I walked away and I lost a friend
but I wont pretend
That this is who I am
This is who we've become

So she says I'm everything she needs
With words like that what's it got to do with me
When everyone knows what to say
Communication is overrated,
it's not enough for me

Shot for shot then I'll take you by
The hand to lead you up these stairs
To where you want to go tonight
I'll make the mood and moment feel just right

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