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Right Away, Great Captain! - Once Like You
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang
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And I felt the suck from my vampire teeth
Oh be it love not collapse
And I am afraid if I sleep you』ll never love me
Now you don』t have to answer that

What did you think you』d say to convince me to listen
Well I am the one that talks to walls instead of men
And after its done and buried I will haunt our children
Till they believe there’s no God to stop my plan

When I was young I had dreams of being a someone
Tied up in fictions that’s the sun
Blinded my eyes and I was lost for most that summer
It doesn』t matter much I still feel the same

And I was a father once like you I was misguided
Stabbing a fork into my tongue to see your plan
Doesn』t it make you sick to know that you are causing
30 or so mens death that don』t deserve to die
So I will lie

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