Rinocerose Cubicle LRC歌詞

歌曲 CubicleRinocerose 演唱。


Rinocerose - Cubicle
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(Verse 1)
You got them bruises placed upon your legs
You got them scratch marks around upon the hedge
I know your story
It won』t be up straight
Cuz when i』m not there
I know you can』t wait

This aint the first time
I caught you out again
You spend your time
We spent all saturday night
In a cubicle
(Verse 2)
You got that lipstick smeared around your face
You got them skinny boys stayin at your place
You get your get your get your love
In a little cubicle
(Verse 3)
I got that lipstick smeared around my face
I got them skinny girls playin round my place
I』ll give you stories
They won』t be up straight
Cuz when you』re not there
You know I can』t wait
Yeah Yeah Yeah
All my time in a cubicle
All your time

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