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RZA - Up Again
LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang

Dear momma, no need for the head drama
I quit slinging that yac', don't need the feds on us
I made a mil' off the deal, legit
After I pay the tax, I'mma buy us a crib
In the winter, I'mma buy us a whip
So we can take long trips, just me and the kids
I'm up again, I never let you down
Nothings ever gonna stop me now
I'm up from the gwop, don't gotta hide from the cops
Plus homey's got a spot, they can stay off the block
They can drop a few tracks, or spar a few minds
The God home from the pen, he left the yard behind
Got a brand new sampler, take the breaks and I loop it
Got a license for the gat, in case the public is stupid
Plus, I ain't afraid to shoot it
A man with the family, is firmly rooted
We on top right now, we living
Ain't nobody saying it, can't nobody fade us
We killing, look at this, yo, just sweet in here
We did it, we ain't gotta worry bout nothing no more
I always know you was gonna make it
You was a dreamer, from day one
What shall I speak, about the brothers that pa*sed?
Make me weak about the knees, make me wanna bust a*s
Or should I kick knowledge, and I ain't even graduate
But take it from me, it ain't cool to skip cla*s, imagine it
Five Gods, came to picture perfect, to ovulate to it
Music and expression of freedom, escape to it
Not much to it, we was born and conceived to it
And me being the man that I am, the same could do it
Surrounded by a civilized man, a weak woman
Subconsciously be planting a fed, inside children
Allow me to explain my cause, or who I B-E-R-E, Double T, A, N-I-N-E
A/K/A K-I-N-E-T-I-C, my attribute B-O-R-N G-O-D Allah
Searching for the truth in myself, I seen, I saw
In order to achieve it all, must give my all
Look at how you killing them right now
Why don't you go get you a ma*sage or something, daddy
Ain't gotta worry bout none of that
Matter fact, pa*s me the oil
I got you all day, you know you did your thing
Just sit back and relax
Off up in the C-H-I, C-A to the G-O
Where the winter time temperature be twenty below
Knee deep up in the snow, the Reverend still get dough
To pay the bills, feed his family and go get more
Money, now we taking trips to Jamaica, just to relax
My homey's came a long way since paper from g-packs
But gone, they used to be pushing BP's and Zenax
Now they wire us our paper back and forth like we fax
We ask the lord and savior for guidance
It's probably hard to hear us over gunshots and violence
Figure when I'm in the casket it'll be plenty silence
So in the end, when you add it up, it all balance
The crew been up, staying higher than pallets
On vacations in the islands, watching women with talents
Fellowship and with the family members who be the wildest
Now we live in mansions, castles and golden palaces
Into everything that you put your hard work into
Look at the gold on the lamp, baby
Look at the size of this TV
Look at everything, just take up all the beauty in this room right now
Look at how you did your thing, you did it
We living right now, we ain't gotta worry bout nothing no more
Yeah... hahahaha...
Up again, I'll never let you down
Nothing's ever gonna stop me now
Nothing's ever gonna stop us now
Up again, I'll never you down
(Never let you down, never let you down)
(Nothing's ever gonna stop us now)
(Up again, I'll never you down
Nothing's ever gonna stop us now)
Bobby, make this world digital...
Bobby, your love is so digital...

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