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Supergrass Late in the day LRC歌詞

歌曲 Late in the daySupergrass 演唱。

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lately, i've been searching,
trying to escape me.
it's all i ever think about.
tell me you don't need me,
i try to believe it,
it's all we ever talk about.
so late in the day,
to chase it all away.
cause it's you girl making the world go by,
clouding the summer sky.
fading away.
and it's all set waiting to rise again,
caught by surprise again,
late in the day.
i told you,
i couldn't see you,
i couldn't hold you.
turn around and here we go again.
i just don't know what to do,
i just don't know how to see,
i couldn't have it any other way.
Supergra*s - late in the day
lrc: 歌詞提供:lindsay
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