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Spike-The Network-Money Money 2020

Hey this Brandon but my friends call me Spike now.
I just moved out my parents' house in Danville
To this wicked warehouse in Oakland.
Anyway I spent most of the day spare-changing on the avenue.
I started out in front of the Med
But everyone kept saying I looked too young and healthy
So I went up the street to the Gap where all the
Yuppie college kids shop
I was there until about 5:30 or 6
I scored about 10 bucks
So me and my girlfriend, you met her, she's from La Jolla
Anyway, we got some money from her parents
So we're gonna stop by because

I need a fix

What's that?
Now's not a good time?
What do you mean there's none left?
Well what the f**k dude?
If I would have known that I would have gone to Concord.
What do you mean go back to Concord then?
Dude you don't even know who you're talking to.
Don't make me get all Blackhawk on your a*s.
Wait man I didn't mean that.
C'mon dude, please?
Alright man.
Wait wait wait wait
Do you know anyone that's got any?
Do you got a number?
What do you mean you won't give it to me?
I didn't call for a shitty conversation,
I called because

I need a fix

Man I got it rough
When drinking cough syrup
Just ain't enough
On and on
I'm a teenage rebel
I'm f**king bored

Mom, this is Spi, I mean Brandon.
I got kicked out of my place in Oakland.
I don't really have any place to go so
I was just wondering if I could stay with you or Grandma or something?
I don't know.
My girlfriend dumped me she moved back to La Jolla, it's kind of a drag.
I guess she's gonna go back to school or something.
Anyway call me back.
Oh, one more thing Mom,
I was wondering if I could borrow $200 because

I need a fix

I'm a teenage rebel

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