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US5 Stay On Top LRC歌詞

歌曲 Stay On TopUS5 演唱。

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US5 - Stay On Top

Don't forget we're still in control
And we ain't ever gonna stop, we rock,
We got better, stock together,
Through whatever, we'll stay on top, unite
It gets better, we're together,
Through whatever, we're stay on top

Could you believe we'd fall off track
And not come back, but looks who's back,
Sronger and tougher
And what did you think,
That we would stop, but we're still hot,
So just see, we can't be
Held back

We heard it all, people lied
Tried to bring us down,
They wanted us just to break
But we're still, they never
tell all the facts, crazy what they see
But that's alright if they don't believe, be-lieve

It's hard to believe how people hate,
And perpetrate, things that we face,
Make us wiser
They say everything, to break our souls
Make us feel low, but we won't go, out just, like that

We heard it all, vicious lies, just to bring us down,
Dirty rumours, gossipin, spreading things around
They never tell all the facts,
Crazy what they say,
But that's alright if they don't believe, be-lieve

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