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歌曲 Private RadioVanessa Carlton 演唱。

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Vanessa Carlton - Private Radio
Album: Harmonium

Oh oh oh
(Ba la le, ba la le)
(Gotta get a little)
All the world has gone to bed
And I am drowning in it's silence
But a solitude is in my head, from you, maybe
And if the silence was a song
Well, its rhythm grooves and it's a private radio
And on this night I did belong
In harmony
And you can't deny me
And you will oblige me
It's my melody
When the night comes
When no one knows
I can feel it
I've got my private radio
I'm finally out of my pillow
'Cause I'm lyin' here, but I am ready good to go
If I don't win I'll leave this town
Or not, I'll stay and chase the sun now
And no one knows
Catch me, not care
Call me later
Morning's risin'
And there's a sound inside my head
And in the dark inside my bed
And the melody inside my head
(When the night comes)
There's a part of me no one will never know
(And no one knows)
And midnight comes and I know I'm on my own
(I can feel it)
There's a part of me no one will ever see
(I've got my private radio)
There's a part of me no one will ever leave be
(My private radio)
Ba la le, ba la le
Gotta get a little

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