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Vicky Beeching Undivided Heart LRC歌詞

歌曲 Undivided HeartVicky Beeching 演唱。

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Vicky Beeching - Undivided Heart

Brokenness has brought me to my knees
Face to face with all that's dark in me
I can barely see You through my shamea۬
Jesus come and wash me white again

Flood me with Your healing light
Help me choose what's true and right

Give me an undivided heart
I want to love You with every parta
Give me an undivided soul
I want to be Yours alone Yours alone

At the cross I find Your open arms
Reminding me there's grace for all I've done
With Your blood You wipe away my past
Taking on Yourself my sin and scars

By Your power help me change
Break off every single chain

You make all things new
So take my ashes and make them something beautiful
Do what only You can do
Take my ashes and make them something beautiful

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