Ensiferum Ahti LRC歌詞

歌曲 AhtiEnsiferum 演唱。



At the time of sundown 昏沉日暮時刻
Nature bathes in colours 萬物色澤繽紛
In silence it waits 寂靜之中它在等待
For the approaching force 那逐漸接近的力量
In the halls of Ainola 阿伊諾拉大殿中
The true king of dark waters 黑暗之水的領主
Lurks with his mistress 同女主人住在陰影里
Under the waves of a blue lake 碧藍湖水的波浪下
Dwells the mighty Ahti! 住着偉大的阿赫第!
Sailors praise the glorious name 水手們歌頌這光輝之名
The ruler of tides; Ahti! 潮汐的主宰:阿赫第!
At the shores of a northern land 北方大地的海灘上
Pray mortal men 凡人們在祈禱
Destruction for the arrogant fools 願毀滅降給傲慢的愚人
A reward for humble souls 獎賞給予謙卑的魂靈
The great lurker of the seas 大海之下的龐然陰影
Is pleased of the sacrifice 欣然於這豐盛的獻祭
The waters are calm 水面靜如鏡
Today no storm shall rise! 今天風暴不來襲!
Foreign ship filled with infidels 載着異教徒的船隻
They didn't listen to the northern men 沒有聽從北方人的誡語
From a dead calm storm will rise 一場暴風即將從死寂中湧起
And they'll face the wrath of the sea 他們將領教大海的怒氣
Take care that your heir 當心了!年輕人
Don't turn out too proud 切莫過於驕傲
Or your line will drown into a vast ocean 否則你的血脈將被汪洋吞沒

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