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Ensiferum One More Magic Potion LRC歌詞

歌曲 One More Magic PotionEnsiferum 演唱。

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One More Magic Potion

Once when we were returning from a battle, 一次我們戰鬥歸來
and we got lost in a gloomy forest. 迷失在一片陰暗森林
In the middle of the woods we saw an old house, 樹林正中央,有一所老屋
with tired minds we knocked the door very loudly. 疲憊的我們重重地, 將那門敲響
Old woman opened the wooden door, she asked us to come in with kind words.一位老婦拉開了木門,她用慷慨的話語,邀請我們進屋裡
From her pot arose a scent so weird. 一股怪味從她的鍋中冒起
Stunning and bitter but very summoning. 窒膩苦澀又甜蜜
Bring me a magic potion; it will heal my achin wounds.給我一瓶魔藥吧,它能扶平我疼痛的傷口
A taste so bitter that makes my bleeding soul feel so good. 那一種苦澀能叫,我滴血的靈魂快慰無比
It will make us sing and dance in our endless feast.它會讓我們在永恆的晚宴上 ,一路高歌起舞
Or it might even unleash the beast in me! 或許它還能釋放 ,我內心的野性
She filled our pints with the devils beverage. 她為我們斟滿那魔鬼的飲料
And served another round with a hideous grim.帶着醜陋的竊笑勸我們多飲
The world was spinning in a new light I saw,一時間天旋地轉,世界在一束奇異的光線下清晰無比
everything and everyone was singing this song! 所有人都唱着這樣一支歌
With nature, trolls and spirits of the forest. 伴着自然,巨魔,森林的精靈
We are on; let our singing rise up into the stars. 我們是一體;讓我們的歌聲直上天星
The Witch's magic drum was still beating hard.巫婆的魔鼓還在拚命敲打
When a goblin brought me a new pint and together we roared! 哥布林端來又一品脫,我們齊聲咆哮
Drink and dance! 喝啊,跳啊!
People of the forest sing with us! 林間的人們,快和我們一起唱!
Who wants to brawl with me? 誰要和我吵上一架?
Who can shape a kantele from a pike's jaw? 誰能用梭子魚的下顎做把康特勒琴?
Like the great One once did! 就像英雄當年做的一樣
Close your eyes. 閉上雙眼
Calm your mind and drift away from the pain. 讓思緒平靜,遠離傷痛
Beyond dreams. 飄出夢境
Into the depths of the cauldron. 直到大鍋的底部的深淵
Like a rain it falls. 如同雨滴般它直直下墜
And mirrors natures healing powers. 映照出自然那治癒的魔力
Surrender this time. 暫且放鬆吧
And relife you shall find. 你便能覓得安寧
Catcher of souls. 靈魂的捕捉者
Hunter of spirits. 精神的獵手
Grant us a drop from the life's elixir. 賜給我們最後一滴生命的靈藥吧
I want to drawn all my misery. 我要將我所有的不幸
Into the green trolls . 浸沒在巨魔的綠血
And brown swamp drink. 和棕色的沼地佳釀里
Fight against diminishing time.來抗衡那消逝的時間和
Burden of a solitary warrior's life. 孤獨的戰士沉重的生命
So catcher of souls.
Grant us the final drop from the life's elixir.

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