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Ensiferum Wanderer LRC歌詞

歌曲 WandererEnsiferum 演唱。



In time bleeding wounds will heal 傷痕終隨時間平復
Unlike some which are too deep to see 不同內心深處的苦痛
Like scars in the Nomads soul 正如那流浪者靈魂上的傷疤
Their mending is so slow 它們的癒合如此緩慢
Not a shout of a hundred enemies 千百個敵人的呼喝
Can make him feel fear inside him 也不能顫慄我的心
But when sunsets and the cold arrives 卻不抵暮日西沉,寒氣撲地
With crushing solitude in the darkness of night 洶湧的孤獨隨着夜的暗影

He will ride across land and time 他將騎越時光和大地
To find a way through this endless night 去尋找這永夜的黎明
There s a storm in his heart 暴風在心底卷涌,烈火灼燒着靈魂
And the fire burns his soul 而火燃燒着他的靈魂
But the wanderers part is to ride alone 但流浪的心將永遠前行
With bare hands he has taken many lives 他赤手奪去了許多生命
He has had a hundred women by his side 無數女子曾倚在懷
From enchanted woods to the freezing North 從茂密的山林到冰封的極北
He is known at every sea and far beyond 他的名字傳遍天涯四海
As the moon grows and the circle is complete 明月漸滿,一輪將盈
He lies down and waits for sleep 他臥下靜待着睡眠
But there's always a scenery in his mind.腦海里一幅畫面始終揮之不去
Of all that beauty he once left behind 那是所有他曾拋下的美景

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