Swingset Chain Loquat LRC歌詞

歌曲 LoquatSwingset Chain 演唱。


歌手:Swingset Chain

There's a playground that we used to run on.那個我們曾經奔跑過的操場。
The penny-drop that broke her arm.那個曾經打破她胳膊的遊戲機。
The monkey bars that you fell from.那個你從上面掉下來的猴架。
The swingset chain that stuck with my tongue.那個曾經勒住我脖子的鞦韆繩。
It's thirty below and we're far gone.雖然我們還很年輕,但那些日子已離我們很遠。
If you plant yourself here I wouldn't miss you for long.如果你一直呆在這兒,我就不會如此想念你了。
But then comes the day when you leave town.所以當那天你離開的時候。
I'm back to the way I was when you weren't around.我走在熟悉的路上,你卻已經不在我身旁。
If you want to know what that was like. 如果你要問我現在怎麼樣了.
I'll tell you first, it was way too quiet.我會告訴你這兒變得太安靜了.
It rained a hundred nineteen days of the year.一年中有一百十九天在下雨.
I spent my time falling down the stairs.而我的生活如此忙碌.
I know I can't tie you to a leash.我知道我不能把你栓在我身邊.
But something tells me you'd go further than Greece.但我聽說你去的地方比希臘還要遠
And then I'll have to figure out what to do.然後我在想我要怎麼辦
I'm kind of afraid I'm co-dependent on you.我有點害怕我是太依賴你了
I'm freaking out that we've started breaking down.我們已經漸漸的疏遠了嗎,我很害怕
Before momentum picked up.但在我做能什麼之前.
Now all these doors are locked.,發現已經晚了.
The trees trick you 'cause they're always standing still.那些樹都在取笑你,因為它們總呆在那兒不動.
If time was really racing by.如果時間真的飛般流逝.
You could see it when you drive.在你前行的時候就會發先現.
There's a rooftop deck where we still hang out.那個我們一直呆着的屋頂.
A couple of bars where we're not allowed.那些不讓我們去的酒吧.
The roller-skates that threw you on your face.那個我扔到你臉上的溜冰鞋.
The park on the hill which was our only space.那個只屬於我們的公園的山頂.
The fog is fast and it rolls right in.霧來得如此之快,掩蓋了一切.
About the time I struck my first fifth of gin.那個時候我第一次喝杜松子酒,然後被嗆着.
I really don't mean to complain too much.我真的不想抱怨.
But this is turning me into quite the lush.但那次我真的醉得像個酒鬼.
I'm freaking out that we're running out of time.我們已經沒有時間了嗎,我很害怕.
But to do what? 但該做些什麼呢?
Should I stop and think of that?我應該停下來想一想嗎?
Is there something I could do to slow it down?怎樣做才能讓時間慢下來呢?
Live in a day for once.生活中的每一天,都只有一次.
Instead of watch it screaming by.不要只是看着它飛馳而過.
You're a dandelion seed.你是一粒蒲公英的種子.

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